Oh, hello, nice to meet you!

I am Erasmo, And this is my web page..

I tell you a little about me.

My name is Erasmo Montes, I currently live in Puntacana Dominican Republic with my wife Dannerys Nunes. I was born and raised in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, land of many beaches and sun.

I like to share with friends and family, with whom I usually go out and learn something that is not technology. I am a lover of basketball and sports in general, although I still do not understand soccer.

I have been designing, developing, implementing and maintaining software as a service, tailored to different companies, related to the banking and tourism sector. This has allowed me to learn many things which I share in my blog

At the beginning of my career as a developer, I learned different programming languages (C#, Java, C ++, PHP), but when I met Python was as they say in romantic movies, "Love at first sight", in the world of serious technology "Love to the first Hello world".

Nice to meet you and I hope you like the rest of the page.

Work experience


On June 1, 2015, thank God, start at that company to work as a Junior Developer Analyst, fulfilling the functions of developing systems that will help users to have a better communication with the institution.

My position in that place started very basic and then I was surrendering responsibilities that demanded a greater effort and dedication, this entailed that after a while I was given all the part of Internet banking, thank God I give for this. I learned many things I had excellent teacher and above all it gave me the confidence to grow.

I met fellows of super talented jobs who taught me a lot and that many of these things still apply to them. I will never forget this phrase.

The only way to do things is the way things should be done. - Sr. Rafael Flores

Grupo Puntacana

After a while in Bellbank I decided that it was time to leave the madrigera and prove to myself that I knew it was not only because I was in that place, it was at that moment that a co-worker told me about a position in Grupo puntacana which it accepts.

Accepting this position brought as consequences many things such as: change of province, live independently of my father, reach a place where only I was, one of the most difficult things, adapt to a totally different company to the institution from which I come .

To date is the place where I work and thank God everything came out well many would say excellent but for me (that I demand a lot myself) have only gone well.


Web Development

I like to develop web pages, most of my works are web systems that help companies in different ways, either to be present on the internet, or to have a web system that helps them in their operating processes.


Many companies currently have stable systems that allow them to operate efficiently, they do not need a new system but they need new options, in order to grow horizontally.

In one of the companies that I mention a lot of my work was to design services that provide new options to the great systems that already existed, this is technically known as Microservices.


I recently had to develop a web portal for some clients, as it was something outside the work I had to document about the Cloud.

I decided to invest my time in AWS and the experience was very rewarding.


Among the things that I learned in a didactic way was to learn how to design databases to build systems.

During my time at BELLBANK I did a course on design and development of databases and then I became active with another course that I did in Platzi called Fundamentals of database.


Bellbank page

One of the projects that helped me improve in the design of web systems, was the creation of this web page.

I remember that when we designed it, we took as a guide the new google patros (material desing), this gave the bank a more updated and innovative view. In collaboration with the project manager we made that design approve.

It was a very busy time on launch day.

Single Page Generator

Once the need arose to create a website to launch a product, it needed to be something simple and with the style of the product, I was told the idea (I knew other products that were about to come out) and it occurred to me the idea of creating a generator of product templates.

My supervisor agreed with the idea, delayed the launch of the product a few days to create a prototype and with this draw a template.

Then came the time to draw several products almost in parallel and it was super simple to create a template for each product.

Django Rock Star

Started the Python community in Punta Cana the idea of creating an introduction event for everyone who does not know how to program in a development tool called Django.

Part of the things that the event should have was a web page where participants and mentors could be registered who wanted to help the community.

A co-worker asked me to help him with the part of the register of participants and mentors, I without much thought I told him that because I had no problem. We select a design and set up the website.

I leave the link below to see the workshops we teach if you are in Punta Cana and you like web development.


If you want to write me something related to what is on this page you can write me an email, or fill out this form and tell me what I can help you with.

Many of the things that you comment on this page are available to anyone who needs them, if you need a web development but you do not have the resources feel free to write me and I assure you that we will reach an agreement.